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What is a health coach and why you might need one? – Equip For Health

Getting healthy. 

Sounds simple enough, right?  I mean, the tools to getting healthy and living a vibrant life are really not all that difficult.  The problem is we are FLOODED with information which then causes confusion, frustration and eventually we throw in the towel on our quest to optimal health.  Low fat?  Low Carb?  High Protein?  Moderate protein?  Veganism?  Vegetarianism?  Meat will kill me?  Meat is good?  Running is good?  Running is bad?  Stress is bad but how do I manage it?  Sleep is good but how do I get more?  The list goes on and on. 

Due to this flood of information it can be helpful to have an expert in health and wellness go alongside you on your journey to getting and staying healthy. 

Enter a Health Coach. 

Well, what exactly is a health coach?   

According to Duke University’s Integrative Medicine department, “Integrative Health Coaching empowers clients to make lasting behavior changes that are the cornerstones of lifelong well-being.  It bridges the gap between medical recommendations and patients’ abilities to successfully implement those recommendations into their complex lives.” 

A health coach teams up alongside you to help YOU make better choices to live a better, healthier and more fulfilling life.  He or she will help you set and achieve your wellness goals so you can have success on your journey to great health and a more satisfying life. 

Whether you are a middle-aged mom with extra weight from having children and dealing with the stresses of life, an out-of-shape and over-worked dad, a post-menopausal woman or a fit 30-year-old guy whose life is out of balance in regards to stress, sleep and nutrition, people in all stages and from all walks of life can benefit from having a health coach. 

Hiring a health coach is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness.  Everybody could benefit from having a coach in their life.   Coaches oftentimes work with VERY strong and intelligent people.  They don’t necessarily lack the knowledge or ability to KNOW the information about being healthy, but KNOWING and DOING are two VERY different things.  We, as humans, all KNOW things we SHOULD be doing but we don’t always do it.  A health coach can help fill in that gap and provide some ACCOUNTABILITY and MOTIVATION to change and persevere through.  The financial investment in hiring a coach also can help spur compliance and adherence to a program.  Our goal is to empower clients to make LASTING behavior changes that will give them lifelong health and wellness.  This is not a short-term, fad diet and workout plan.  This is the gateway to EFFORTLESS vibrant health for life without the burden of a restrictive diet or stringent workout plan.  Consider hiring a health coach to get you started on your journey to lifelong health. 

What to look for in a health coach: 

  • Is your health coach walking the walk?  Is your coach PASSIONATE about healthy living?  Is he/she “practicing what they preach”?  We are all humans and imperfect, but it is important to hire someone who is living a healthy style and living the principles they believe in.  For example, I wouldn’t hire a skydiving instructor who only went through some class and maybe has jumped the minimal number of required times and is mediocre with his/her passion for skydiving.  I would want a skydiving instructor who loves to skydive and has a true passion for it, does it frequently and loves to help others learn how not only to do it, but love it!  The same principle applies when hiring a health coach. 

If hiring a health coach sounds like something you are interested in then please sign up for our mailing list and consider doing our program, Sustain, and let us EQUIP you for lifelong effortless good health and wellness.  

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