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The Magic Bullet – Equip For Health

Have you ever…

  • Tried that new, “magic” supplement that cost you an arm and a leg only to leave you feeling no different? 
  • Drank that special shake, pink drink or some other potion claiming to change your life only to leave you feeling… the same?   
  • Signed up for that one, perfect workout program.  You did it religiously for like….3 weeks….and lost a little weight only to quit the program and gain the weight back?  Maybe you stuck with it for 3 months and had results, but found the program difficult to stick with for the long haul? 
  • Followed that perfect diet plan.  You know, the one that everybody is talking about.  I mean, just eat this or don’t eat that and the weight just MELTS off.  Well, maybe it did or didn’t melt off but, honestly, were you able to stick with this plan???? 

I think you get my drift with the above questions. I don’t mean to knock any particular supplement, diet or program, I’m just encouraging an honest evaluation of things you might have tried in order to obtain better health. 

Although many of these various health strategies, from diets to supplements to workout plans, are not inherently bad or detrimental, the honest truth is that most people cannot adhere to these for the long run.  Most of these are selling a promise that can’t be kept or are about achieving some short-term goal that isn’t sustainable.  Some of these strategies are potentially detrimental and can set you up for failure down the road.  

The road to good health is not one particular thing.  It’s a collection of things we do every day over years and years that helps us not only achieve, but maintain great health for life 

Dr. Stephen Cabral, a naturopathic doctor and functional medicine practitioner, refers to negative health effects, whether it be weight gain, fatigue, joint pain or the development of disease, as “the rain barrel effect” (he wrote a book about this with the same title).  What this basically means is our body (the rain barrel) can only handle so many insults before these insults build up (filling up the rain barrel) and eventually the rain barrel overflows.  At the point in time when the “overflowing” takes place, this is when negative symptoms or disease kicks in.  You see, we are exposed to literally thousands and thousands of chemicals and other unhealthy things (like radiation and EMF) all day every day. From the foods we eat to the products we put on our skin (make-up, deodorant, sunscreen), many of these are laden with unhealthy chemicals. Our bodies were designed to “fight” off and detoxify these unhealthy things we are exposed to in order to prevent negative side effects.  Our “rain barrel” bodies are constantly being filled with and exposed to things that can damage us and if we don’t equip our bodies the right way, eventually we will start to succumb to these negative side effects of an over-flowing rain barrel.  It is up to us to prevent the rain barrel from spilling over or to stop the already spilling-over rain barrel and getting it emptied out some and heal our bodies. 

So, how is it possible to “fix” this situation? 

The path to excellent health and vitality for a lifetime is NOT one single thing. There is no magic bullet that exists! Even though most people probably instinctively know this, it seems people are always trying to find that magic bullet that will change his/her life. 

The path to lasting good health involves a day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and year-to-year commitment to making good choices at least 80% of the time, and adhering and abiding to the things that truly effect both short and long-term health.  Fad diets, extreme workout programs and fancy supplements are not the answer.  Can some of these things produce results?  Absolutely.  But, unfortunately, most of these results are short-lived and/or not sustainable. 

Equip for Health was created to help average people achieve extraordinary health.  We believe that optimizing the 4 key elements to health is the most important thing we can do to not only improve short-term health, but to have long-lasting good health, longevity and vitality.  

The 4 Key Elements: 

  • Nutrition 
  • Sleep  
  • Movement 
  • Stress Management 

Now, within these 4 Key Elements there are many details and principles that have some concrete truths, but there is also room for variation and the need for individualization in order to maximize health benefits for the individual.   

Honestly, I know it can be very overwhelming to know where to start with all of this.  Maybe the desire is there to get healthy and stay healthy, but self-doubt or confusion or information overload has left you frozen, unable to take that first step. 

For all of these reasons we created Equip For Health.  We know this process can be difficult. It has been difficult for us, too.  We have experienced our own health issues and have worked to overcome these.  We are average people with normal, busy lives but also have a passion for health and wellness and a desire to help others achieve excellent health.  We have educated ourselves and been through training to Equip others on the path to better health.  More importantly, we LIVE this lifestyle and know it works!  The principles, concepts and strategies we implement are not all that complex, difficult or earth-shattering.  We don’t want it to be that way.  We implement a common sense, balanced yet very effective and sustainable approach to health and wellness.  The advantage to working with us is not only the common sense, sustainable wellness plan, but we are, first and foremost, here to COACH you during this journey. Most people know what to do, but knowing and doing are two very different things.  Most of us lack discipline in some area(s) of our life and need a coach to help guide, motivate and encourage us to change for the better.   

Our cornerstone program, Sustain, was designed to meet this very need.  Please take a minute to watch the informational video and sign up for our mailing list and consider joining this 5-week journey with us and a community of other people looking to finally get on a sustainable path to better health. 

Thanks for reading!

Ryan Parnham

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