A comprehensive 5 week program built to guide you to simple, sustainable health.
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With so many restrictive, extreme, fad diets on the market today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed!  There are a lot of plans that help you drop weight quickly, but are impossible to maintain over the long haul. We’ve all been there, haven’t we?

SUSTAIN is 5-week, web-based “on-ramp” to simple lifestyle changes that are sustainable, result-driven, and manageable for everyone!  Our focus is on consistent progress over unobtainable perfection!

SUSTAIN combines self-guided content (video lessons, recipes, shopping lists) with online live coaching and community support.  This means you can sign in each day whenever it’s most convenient for you, but still experience the accountability and support of a group program with live coaches!

Self Guided Videos

Each week on our online training platform, you'll receive coaching through several self-guided videos. Videos include the weekly topic introduction, mindset motivation, health tips, and more!

Community Engagement

You receive access to a private online community of likeminded individuals who encourage one another by posting results, progress, struggles, and failures.


The research is clear: people who work with coaches and a supportive community have a much higher success rate than those that "go it alone." Accountability is key! And we're here to guide and encourage you to stick to your goals!

Our Core Features

So what’s included in the SUSTAIN course?

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