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Small Steps Lead to Lasting Change. This is Equip for Health! – Equip For Health

Humans are complex, habitual creatures.  We all have our habits and routines whether we realize it or not.  We have our morning routines.  Our work routines.  Our eating habits and routines (good or bad).  Our exercise habits and routines (which may be a lot or none at all). Our bedtime routines.  Our parenting routines.  Our marriage and relationship routines.  You get the drift.   

Now, for most of us, change one of those routines and it tends to completely throw us off.  Heck, it may cause a certain degree of panic and anxiety too!  This is why it can be so daunting to try and “get healthy”.  Too often we “jump right in” to an exercise or eating program.  We “detox” with nothing but shakes for a week and have 5 bowel movements a day and lose 9 pounds and think we did something great, only to return to square one a few days after the detox is over.  We sign up for a gym membership and we go religiously for about 2 weeks.  Then the excuses start taking over, “I’m too tired, I’ll go tomorrow”.  Have you ever thought about how gyms make money?  They make money off of people who sign up and don’t go!  Imagine if every person who had an active membership to a local gym actually showed up on a regular basis….the gym would be packed to the brim!  The big gyms sell more memberships than they could ever accommodate from a space/capacity perspective because they know that 90% of the people will FAIL to show up regularly—they really don’t care about your success.  The more memberships they can sell is their bottom line.  The same with “diet” programs.  It’s typically some drastic, poorly programmed or expensive program that may or may not result in weight loss and feeling better but you are either 100% committed or 0% committed with no room for anything in between.  How many people have you heard say, “yeah, I need to get back into Weight Watchers”?  Why do they say this?  Because whatever results they had were TEMPORARY, and the only way they can somewhat “manage” their weight and health is by some point counting system or whatever (sounds like an awful lot of work to me) but, like most programs, the majority of people don’t stick with it.  I know there have been people who have had great results with programs such as Weight Watchers, and if it works for you then, by all means, stick with it.  But I have met many people who have been part of various diet and exercise programs who may experience some success and results only to eventually regress.  The same thing goes with supplements.  THERE ARE NO MAGIC SUPPLEMENTS.  There ARE quite a few people out there selling health and weight loss supplements promising some life changing results, but, like other diet and exercise programs, the bottom line is money making.  Also, if you are dependent on a supplement for energy, sleep or whatever, this suggests that something else is off in your body.  Supplements are supposed to be exactly that…a SUPPLEMENT. Achieving great health, lasting energy and living a vibrant life is NOT found in a bottle or a powder that costs an arm and a leg. 

Living the type of lifestyle that we, Equip For Health, promote will set you up for long-term success and great health with minimal effort.  There are no counting points.  There is no strict, set scheduled exercise program you HAVE to follow, OR ELSE!  There are no fancy “must have” supplements promising extra energy or fat burning. Living an “80/20” lifestyle while approaching all aspects of life with balance, purpose and intention will set you up for long-term success.  We are designed to move frequently and stay generally active.  We are engineered to lift heavy things from time to time.  We are designed to eat REAL food that our body does not perceive as a poison or a toxin (think gluten, high fructose corn syrup, and processed foods).  We are designed to thrive from good sleep, the right amount of stress, healthy doses of sunshine and healthy social relationships.  All of these components matter when pursuing optimal health.  It’s not just the right workout program or just the right eating program.  That being said, making the decision to choose this healthy lifestyle can be somewhat daunting since we are habitual creatures with our routines.  Also, you may not feel quite “educated” enough about healthy living or know exactly where to start.  This is exactly why we created Equip For Health! 

Equip For Health’s mission is to help average, everyday people achieve lasting, sustainable great health using a common sense and sustainable approach as well as community support and coaching with the end result of life-long success. 

Our cornerstone program, Sustain, is designed specifically for this.  This 5-week, online based program is a live coaching, group-oriented program that will walk you through how to get started on your path to better health.  We will help you optimize your nutrition, sleep, stress management, movement all while working on changing your mindset and creating realistic short and long-term goals.  The program incorporates coaching, accountability and community to help ensure success. Sign up for our mailing list for updates on when the next round of Sustain will be launched as we run a new round of this program every few weeks! 

As always, thanks for reading and reach out if you have any questions!  Contact us here.

In good health, 

Molly and Ryan 

Ryan Parnham

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