Ryan’s Story

Ryan is a 40-year-old husband and father from the Midwest.  He works as a nurse practitioner and has been practicing for over 12 years.   He is a certified Primal Health Coach and has also completed additional training with the Institute for Functional Medicine. 

His passion is living with meaning and purpose while achieving and maintaining good health for life. Ryan has been a health and wellness expert for many years and believes the path to good health does not need to be complicated and should be approached with both balance and common sense. 

Ryan found himself overweight and out of shape in his early 20’s and, since then, has dedicated his life to reversing this pattern by achieving and maintaining great health. He is not a fan of fad diets, exercises or supplements and develops his approach based off of what he calls “the four key elements to health: nutrition, sleep, movement and stress.  He loves helping and coaching others on their journey to better health and vitality.